During the Innovation Day, an online forum dedicated to new technologies for agriculture, the Manifesto was launched for the Italian cyber food route. Promoters of the initiative: Coldiretti, Filiera Italia and Bonifiche Ferraresi. The manifesto traces the guidelines, after Covid-19, of a new globalized economic model to enhance the Made in Italy agri-food sector and maintain the world record of excellence. The strategic focus of the project is digital innovation through the creation of apps, platforms, patents and technologies accessible by farms of all sizes.

The First Italian Pole of Agri-food 4.0

May 28 was an important date for the future of Italian agri-food. During the Innovation Day, the online forum – https://lnkd.in/eWhqVZ2 – Coldiretti, Filiera Italia and BF spa launched the Manifesto for the birth of the first Italian pole for agri-food 4.0. Among those present: Vincenzo Gesmundo – Coldiretti general secretary – Stefano Patuanelli – Minister of Economic Development – Ettore Prandini – Coldiretti national president – Federico Vecchioni – Bonifiche Ferraresi CEO – Luigi Scordamaglia – managing director of Filiera Italia – and a group of hi-tech start-ups. The Coronavirus emergency has accelerated the need for all actors in the supply chain to adopt shared innovative processes, according to a circular economy. In the model of the new Italian agri-food ecosystem, the keywords are more environmental, economic and social sustainability. An aim able of offering more competitiveness as long as there is a more responsible use of natural resources and product traceability and control the quality of the food are guaranteed. A sector worth over 548 billion (25% of GDP) must be able to run at full capacity making it increasingly efficient, less subject to climate change and with a high technological standard. As Vincenzo Gesmundo stated, “Italian agriculture is among the most sustainable on the plane.  The relationship with consumers is strong and consolidated; our food, in addition to be the best, is the most controlled and safe, but all this is not enough. A friendly science, a technology within everyone’s reach, an all-Italian reference platform are what the country and the agri-food world need today”. The manifesto therefore proposes a green and technological change that seems to be shared also by the recent “from farm to fork” strategy presented by the European Community. Today the platform to promote a Made in Italy technological network, accessible to everyone, is already a reality and the new identikit of Italian agriculture is increasingly “frequented” by robots, sensors, advanced technologies, resource monitoring and programming apps.

Food Is An Element Of Social And Economic Stability

Bonifiche Ferraresi is a virtuous example that shows how the ability to invest in the most advanced technologies and to network are among the keys to the company’s success, the only Italian company in the sector listed on the stock exchange. The BF Spa platform represents the largest and most significant example of the introduction of precision agriculture on a surface that touches 8,500 hectares and over 73,000 hectares in terms of the market concerned. It is a global, economic, social and sustainable vision of CEO, Federico Vecchioni, who in his speech at the Innovation Day said: “The theme of food as an element of social and economic stability never arises as in this period of world emergency (…). Food has more and more strategic value as energy has with oil and gas. ” All of Bonifiche Ferraresi’s know-how and the experience gained in the field of innovative technologies will pave the way for the guidelines indicated in the Manifesto to accelerate the process of change underway. Federico Vecchioni’s entrepreneurial vision has an important social matrix which we hope will be shared by the institutions and by an ever-growing number of farms: “I understood that the commitment of all of us must be directed towards the well-being of people who, for those who do my job, it translates into the care of the earth and nature, a guarantee of quality for an increasingly widespread number of human beings”.