Nador (Morocco) – Ocrim has been landed the construction of a new milling complex for the processing of hard/soft wheat having a capacity of 650 T/24h for one of the most important mills in North Africa. At the end of a special negotiation a soccer ball signed by everyone who was there.

Ocrim triumphs in Morocco

In the port city of Nador (Morocco) an Ocrim delegation met the El Maddarsi’s family, owner of the “Compagnie SABA, S.A.” mill for the finalization of an important investment. A unique meeting ended with the signature of all the participants on a soccer ball. An unusual but pleasant conclusion. Ocrim has, in fact, taken the client’s invitation to “kick the penalty shot”: just as in a football game the player has only one chance to score against his opposing team, Ocrim also had only one chance to make his technical-commercial proposal, by delivering a soccer ball together with the offer. “The world market in which we interact is complex. But it is thanks to the people who represent us and that you have met in the last few months that we have managed, in the last decade, to win the trust of our customers, until we reached a fraternal sinergy accompanying the works carried out. We are proud of this important success” said Alberto Antolini, Ocrim CEO.

From left: Alberto Antolini (CEO Ocrim) and El Maddarsi Mostafa (President of Compagnie SABA, S.A.).

The agreement foresees the design of a new milling complex for the processing of hard/soft wheat having a capacity of 650 T/24h. The new concept project includes the latest technological innovations and is contemplates grain receiving & precleaning section to the finished products section with high capacity bagging stations for flour, by-products and pellets. Ocrim is responsible for the design and supply of equipment and accessories, electrical and automation system, including a highly sophisticated MES system. The skills and competence of the Ocrim team demonstrated to us from the first meeting, made us understand the true and essential values on which your business is based. These aspects, together with the brand’s experience and historical importance, led us to choose Ocrim as our partner for this new adventure” said Mostafa El Maddarsi, President of the Moroccan company.

On the cover: from left, Yassine Ahmed El Maddarsi, Marino Colcone (Ocrim Area Manager), Mostafa El Maddarsi, Alberto Antolini (Ocrim CEO), Matteo Antolini (Mr. Antolini nephew), Fabrizio Baccinelli (Ocrim Sales Director), Mrs. El Maddarsi, Marwan El Maddarsi.