BF spa opens its doors to food supplements. With an investment of 25 million euros, BF spa signed the agreement for the acquisition of 35% of Master Investment holding’s share capital. With the new reality, which will be called “Progetto Benessere Italia”, BF spa continues at a fast pace in the verticalization of the supply chain in the medical plants sector.

Strategic Agreement

BF spa expands its range of action by integrating the medicinal plants supply chain with the production and marketing of food supplements, functional and organic foods and cosmetics for personal care. The agreement was signed on June 10 with an exceptional partner, Master Investment srl, the holding company of the Sacchi family, which holds the leadership in the food supplements sector through stakes in the Target Companies – A&D spa Gruppo Alimentare Dietetico (100%), Almas srl (50%), Salix srl (50%) and Mare srl (50%) – which in 2019 reached sales of ca 55 million euros. With a 25-million-euro transaction, BF spa will acquire 35% of the share capital of Master Investment which will flow into the new holding “Progetto Benessere Italia srl“, 65% of the shares will remain in the hands of the Sacchi family with the new holding MayMat Investment srl. An ambitious goal is that of BF spa which enters the wellness market as a protagonist, thanks to a complete supply chain from cultivation to production and distribution. The BF spa industrial plan provides for an articulated growth strategy that will act on several levels, in Italy and abroad, creating synergies and further developing the channels and commercial, industrial, research and development, marketing and logistics activities of the two companies.

“The transaction – stated the CEO of BF Federico Vecchionirepresents an important crucial investment in the strategic project of the BF Group. In all the 100% made in Italy chains involved partnership operations have been carried out, aimed at a virtuous integration between industrial players and the primary sector, capable of generating value for the shareholders of BF. The medical-food supplements sector today reaches a fundamental step which sees the identification of the ideal partner as a long-term choice aimed at an increase in market shares in product categories currently not present in the basket of the BF Group. (…). All this will open important opportunities also in new markets making this integration an example in commercial terms and, more generally, of a business model to be exported “.

Stefano Sacchi, CEO of Progetto Benessere Italia, highlighted: “The entry of BF into the corporate structure of Progetto Benessere Italia represents a very important development opportunity for the Group (…) and will allow PBI and BF to consolidate together their position of leadership and main Group 100% Italian and active in the complete supply chain of food supplements, food and cosmetics for well-being”.