We have entrusted the direction of webinars to our best experts. For those who have been following us for some time, they are well-known and respected names, but for the sake of completeness of information, we offer a short monograph of each one. Let’s start with Marco Galli, Ocrim Chief Technologist and speaker of the webinar scheduled for 4, 5 and 6 August:”New trends & technologies: Modular Mill Concept”.

Born in 1960 and Brazilian by birth, Marco Galli began his career in Ocrim as a miller apprentice of the Technology Office in 1983. After attending the Milling Technology course at the Ocrim school, his working career began directly in the field, at the mill plants in Algeria, where he spent long periods as a technologist for the commissioning and testing of milling plants. Then he was transferred to Indonesia and, for three years, he was the technology manager of the largest milling complex in the world, PT ISM Bogasari Flour Mills.

Essential experiences that have built the solid foundations of his professional training and have given him the opportunity to discover and cultivate his passion for the technological research of new applications in the milling sector, so much so as to patent inventions which he has complete authorship. Since then he has never stopped; he has traveled all continents with tasks of increasing responsibility and reaching a high-profile competence recognized all over the world.

In the meantime, he married Manuela and had two children. Only his family knows the patience and expectation in having a transfer worker as a husband and dad who is away for long periods of time. Returning to Ocrim as Area Manager for North America, after a few years, in 2006, he held the position of Technology Manager and became Headmaster and teacher of the Ocrim International Milling Technology School, a role that is particularly congenial to him for his natural predisposition to teaching. This aspect has also materialized in the drafting and publication of some didactic texts.

Currently Marco is the Chief Technologist and, scrolling through his long curriculum, it is right to mention a flagship: participation in the expansion, through the various modernization phases (in the early 90s), of the largest milling plant in the world, consisting of 15 mills for a total grinding capacity of 12,000 tons of wheat per day.

Recently he followed the technological design of the new excellence hub for the grinding of wheat which will arise in Cremona, which aims to strengthen the Italian agri-food supply chain. It has been and continues to be the protagonist of countless Italian and foreign missions; with him the Ocrim team shares the success and growth of an organization that, day after day, project after project, consolidates its worldwide leadership. A constant commitment that was awarded the “Star of Merit for Labour” last year, but he doesn’t like to exhibit this prestigious recognition, remaining the shy and reserved boy of that distant 1983, when, just twenty-three years old, he began his career in Ocrim.

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