In this new OcrimWebinars review the Ocrim team will suggest tips and share its knowledge about the proper maintenance for milling plants. The events will take place in a brand new conference room set up inside the ” Roller Mills Assembly Department”. Right here our technicians and experts will illustrate live the proper maintenance operations to keep the milling plants always efficient and functional.

We are very satisfied with the success achieved by our webinars last year. Your wide participation favored a constructive confront and turned to us a valuable feedback useful to arrange new webinars everyday more and more interesting and educational. According to your feedback, during 2021, we will present new technical topics related to consultancy, automation systems and plant maintenance“Maintenance & Automation” is Ocrim 2021 news: it will start shortly and will deepen the themes of mechanical and electrical maintenance and management of automation systems. The goal is to deepen good practices and procedures meant to maintain milling plants in total efficiency: thanks to everyday preventive maintenance operations, time and costs related to extraordinary maintenance interventions will sharply decrease.

This is meant to be a practice review: to make it more “concrete and effective” our webinars will hold live inside our “Roller Mills Assembly Department”. This area is the heart of our company, the place where our machines come to life. Inside the department a brand new room was built in order to give our experts and technicians in charge of machines maintenance the opportunity to present these new events. During each session they will live show the operations needed to keep the machines and plants always efficient. This way they will be able to both illustrate and explain how to properly carry out a milling plant maintenance and the correct procedures to manage its automation systems. At the end of each session you can ask for clarifications and discuss with our team in order to erase any doubts. Our team will be at your disposal to help you keeping your plants always operational without losing  efficiency or production stops caused by mechanical problems.

Obviously these appointments have been thought specifically for technicians, maintainers and machine control workers. Anyway all our dear customers can join: registration is open and free and well… There’s always more to learn. We will soon communicate dates and times so that you can register promptly: stay tuned!

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