“The Superior is back” webinar that was held yesterday has aroused considerable interest among participants. The presentation by Stefano Mazzini, our Sales and Marketing Director, was informative and gave ample emphasis on the numerous advantages of the Superior. This innovative vision and version of a pre-assembled mill allows the use of advanced technology with low investment and a high degree of customisation, thereby significantly reducing procedures and installation time. It is the ideal solution that flexibly and resourcefully meets different business objectives. It also opens the doors to new investors who want to get closer to the agri-food sector as well as to those who want to satisfy niche market.

The Superior is the New Formula for a 1950s Success


1948: the Superior mill which was put on display in
piazza Marconi at the Cremona Trade Fair

in piazza Marconi

At the time, it was a pioneering solution that brilliantly reduced the construction, assembly and transport times, which were much more complex in the 1950s than today. The Superior mill, which is offered in different production sizes, was manufactured and assembled in Ocrim’s Cremona plant, tested and then partially disassembled for shipment to the customer. It was a functional two-level mill and a pre-fabricated shed was sufficient. Collectively, Superior solved a number of burdensome problems, especially in countries where the cost of constructing buildings was too high or in seismic areas or geologically unsound areas. Or even in hot countries since an open layout guaranteed good ventilation and, last but not least, in all cases in which it was necessary to reduce the costs of labour for management. 

It was a huge success, which contributed to Ocrim’s global success in the grinding sector and remained the undisputed icon for almost two decades. Its durability was identical to that of a traditional mill since it used the same machinery and grinding diagrams. Later, between the late 1980s and early 1990s, the significant development of the agri-food industry brought to light new needs to which Ocrim responded with MCA. It was a new, compact grinding machine that provided more efficiency and productivity while retaining the advantage of short procurement, assembly and shipping times. Today, markets are experiencing a further transformation. The standardisation criteria no longer exist and instead favour a more customised production that is tailored to the many variables linked to the culture of the countries and the specific requirements of the end customers. The new, advanced version of Superior is Ocrim’s timely response to this further evolution of the market.

Features And Advantages Of The Superior

The new formula of the Superior mill, while retaining certain essential features of the historic version (pre-assembled), has been designed with innovative concepts and highly sophisticated applied technologies. At the moment, it is offered with three grinding units:

1. processing of common wheat for the production of white flours, with a capacity of 50 tonnes.

2. processing of corn for the production of various types of flours, with a production capacity of 50 tonnes per day

3. integrated system for the production of wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flours using the BioStoneMill, with a capacity of 12 tonnes per day.

During the webinar, Stefano Mazzini, described the numerous benefits offered by Superior, which, in a nutshell, include:

– low investment: Superior can be inserted in a industrial shed. It does not require any significant work and urbanisation costs and assembly only involves the simple assembly of the production unit.

simplified management: the mill’s compactness and degree of automation make it possible to obtain low management, running and maintenance costs.

installation: the pre-assembly carried out at Ocrim makes it possible to install the mill by saving more than 70% of time and drastically reducing costs.

customisation: Superior’s extreme flexibility offers the great advantage of unique, tailored customisation. The systems can be distinguished from each other with different colours, by choosing the materials to be used, the design and even the technical solutions adapted to the type of country where it is installed, the type of use that it will have, the investment and type of end customer, etc.  

efficiency: compared to a traditional system, there’s an important energy reduction.

short lead-time: from order to shipment, the waiting time is only 6 months.

advanced automation: easy and intuitive, interfaced with tablets and/or smartphones as well remote assistance.

training: during the testing and commissioning stage, Ocrim technicians will train staff responsible for running and maintaining the Superior.

4 models: Passion, Natural, Style and Gold are the versions available, with distinct features and characteristics that can be further customised.

At the end of the presentation Stefano Mazzini answered the various questions of the participants giving further details. He confirmed, for example, the possibility of grinding legumes with the unit that involves stone grinding, announcing that the version dedicated to durum wheat will soon be available. For further information and curiosities, please send an email to: conferenceroom@ocrim.com or info@ocrimsuperior.com