A life dedicated to Ocrim. Franco Schintu is an outstanding figure in the company. He has helped develop the business over the last 37 years, and acted as a charismatic guide for both colleagues and workers.  He has continued to maintain a strong emotional bond in his role as President of the Ocrim Senior Workers’ Association (GLAO). This year’s annual meeting on 13 November will concentrate on more formal events, so Franco Schintu wants to use this opportunity to dedicate some thoughts to all his colleagues, by means of our blog.  

Sant’Omobono, November 13 – On the day we celebrate the Patron Saint of Cremona, former Ocrim employees and working members of GLAO (with at least 15 years’ employment in the Company), will come together to honour the memory of the great founder of Ocrim, Cavaliere del Lavoro Guido Grassi, his daughter Fausta Grassi, and those colleagues now deceased. This combination of ceremony and friendly reunion has now been a regular fixture for over 40 years, and is always well attended by the more than 150 members of GLAO (the Ocrim Senior Workers’ Association). It was Giovanni Schintu, father of Franco, who founded the Association in 1978. The aim was to remember and celebrate the dedication of older workers and their vital contribution to the Company, but also to maintain strong links with those colleagues who are currently working to enhance Ocrim’s success and reputation.

Because a positive social process can only come about through dialogue between the generations. Giovanni was succeeded as President of the Association by the late Carlo Persico, and then by Franco De Santis. Franco Schintu was elected to the role in 2011, and by pursuing the family tradition and enlisting support from top management, he continued to achieve a high degree of recognition among Ocrim’s Senior Workers. His dedication to work was instrumental in overcoming difficult times and adverse circumstances in the past.

Franco Schintu joined Ocrim in 1972 and in a career spanning 37 years he developed expertise in various departments; working first in the Foundry, then as a clerk handling relations with suppliers, and finally as a manager, when he was made Head of the Purchasing Department in 1986. He was always highly regarded for his professional skills, his organisational ability and his deep attachment to his work, winning the esteem of both suppliers and colleagues. He also became an important person of reference, and was especially generous towards younger workers, offering them valuable advice and training opportunities.

He retired on 30 June 2009, and in 2012 the President of the Republic awarded him the Star of Merit for Labour, in recognition of a career marked by commitment and self-denial, an asset that will never lose its value.

The choice was also made this year to limit the meeting on 13 November to a celebration of Mass in the church of San Bassano, and to a visit of the cemetery to commemorate the dead. Franco Schintu therefore wanted to show his affection for all the members, by dedicating some thoughts to them in our blog:

“Dear friends, as I announced in our Newsletter of 15 December 2019, I am leaving the position of President of GLAO. I am currently managing the transition while we wait for an opportunity to hold our usual Party, which was postponed for two years because of the pandemic. It now seems that the health crisis is receding, and we feel sure we will be able to meet at the earliest opportunity. I am certain that Sant’ Omobono will forgive us if, just this once, we do not hold our celebration on the day that commemorates our Patron Saint. We will meet up in a calm, happy atmosphere, as we have for many years, but we will also be electing the new Council, which will then appoint the next President. I hope that our members will be able to find a choice of candidates who have sufficient experience, enthusiasm and charisma to ensure the continuity of the Group.

I also have the very sad task of remembering those members that Covid 19 took away from us, and also the many who endured this terrible test but managed to emerge unscathed. We really hope it’s now over!

To all of you, your families and Ocrim, I send my best wishes for a prosperous future. With love, Franco Schintu.”