In a video interview, Carlo Boni Brivio, owner of the organic and biodynamic farm Il Cerreto di Pomarance, expressed his complete satisfaction with the work carried out by Ocrim that involving the installation of production machines equipped with the BioStoneMill. The owner of this famous Tuscan company described his collaboration with Ocrim as “fruitful, useful and profitable.”

In an article about the BioStoneMill, published in November 2020 and headed “THE OCRIM SOLUTION FOR GREEN FARMING BUSINESSES“, we gave a detailed description of the way this type of machine operates. We also outlined its advantages for a small organic farm such as that owned by Carlo Boni Brivio and his wife Paola: a business on a human scale, deeply linked to tradition and its territory of origin. And the video linked to this article was actually filmed in this little corner of paradise, in the hills of Pomarance, close to Pisa.

The operation carried out by Ocrim in 2020 involved combining traditional stone grinding with a cylinder system. So, the new grinding plant offered a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, producing a perfect balance between the two.  Indeed, this is the concept behind the BioStoneMill.

This system offers the ideal solution for a small company like Il Cerreto which has always been committed to developing its business and building a sustainable, circular economy, with deep respect for the local area and a basis in tradition.

Carlo Brivio, the owner of the company, stated in the interview: “We developed this equipment in collaboration with Ocrim mainly because we needed a multifunctional mill that would grind soft wheat, durum wheat, spelt, chickpeas, and so on… a small but flexible system. Our collaboration with Ocrim was very fruitful. Even though I already knew them by reputation as the largest milling engineering company in Italy, in practice our collaboration proved to be really useful and profitable. What you see is the result of our work together. […]”

Why did they choose a stone grinding mill?  Because, as the owner Carlo Brivio himself pointed out: “people see it relates to the milling traditions of the past, and it’s very well suited to a business like ours.”

For more information about Il Cerreto Organic and Biodynamic Farm, visit the company website: Azienda agricola biologica biodinamica Il Cerreto | Pomarance, Toscana