Today is a great day for Ocrim and for all of you.

Since last April 6th the crew of the MIRCO1 mission has been engaged in some part of the Universe in an action to save a planet, and an extrasolar civilization, which has wheat as its only great sustenance. We have finally re-established a contact with the crew, lost since 13th April.

Follow the words of our Captain to find out what we have prepared for you in these latest months.

<< Captain Antolin to Cremona ground control. Captain Antolin to ground control. White code STAR alpha7. Can you hear me? >>.

<< This is Cremona ground control. Captain Antolin, it is such a joy to listen to your voice again. We can hear you loud and clear >>.

<< Mission complete! We made it. All the crew are in excellent health, and we are enthusiastic for the success of the mission. A very important machine downtime caused the interruption of the line. Our technicians and engineers fixed the problem and refurbished it with new spare parts. In the remote corners of the Universe, in an undefined time, we clearly understood how technology, even the most advanced, has always existed in front of a thinking mind. And how the synergy between man (or other forms of lives) and machine can reach very high levels to improve our life, and other people’s lives >>.

<<To thank us, as a sign of friendship and brotherhood without borders, the inhabitants of the planet have treasured us with advanced high-tech to create a unique project of its kind: a new online spare parts website>>.

<<From now on, thanks to Oparts, we will be closer and more interconnected with all our customers>>.

P.S:<<We’re looking forward to hugging you on Earth. We will try to contact you as soon as we enter the Solar System, on May 18th>>.