Ipack-ima 5. At the end of the exhibition, it’s time to take a stock, trying to go beyond the material satisfaction of the business. There is much more at stake, it’s the awareness that the message of the OCRIM and PAGLIERANI booth, so rich in languages and cultural references, has been received and appreciated in its deepest meaning: to create an industrial supply chain project, totally Italian Made to bring the tradition and quality of unique products to the world. The dream comes true.


The 24th edition of the Ipack-ima 2018 exhibition has just ended. There were four chaotic days, full of activities, meetings, handshakes and satisfaction for the appreciation that OCRIM and PAGLIERANI have received from the numerous customers and guests who have come to visit the booth. Great interest for the innovations presented, but also for the climate that has been lived in this booth so innovative and representative of the founding values of both companies. In this edition the distinctive character of OCRIM and PAGLIERANI has clearly emerged, oriented not only to technological and strategic innovation that the whole world knows, but also to the way of communicating, of managing relationships with that familiar and warm style typical of our land. The desire to dialogue with everyone, going beyond the classic managerial canons, has been declined in every possible language. From sensorial suggestions of colors, images and videos, to the virtual reality system, to artistic expressions that have combined classical works with avant-garde sculptures to street-art, the ceremonious welcome of the NAO robot and the pop-up book that Sergio Antolini – vice president of OCRIM – has dedicated to his family, as he tells in the video at the beginning of the emotional path. A symbolic passage of the baton from one generation to another to convey profound and inalienable values that will remain unchanged over time. Many languages and many universal cultural stimuli to consolidate the international identity of two great global players in the world of agri-food Italian Made 4.0.

From the Agricultural Origins, The Industrial Evolution of a Great Italian Reality

It might seem a contradiction to talk about evolution looking at the past, but for Alberto Antolini “we would not be who we are today without all the invaluable work and commitment that human resources have always lavished on the company – in terms of professionalism, manual skills, craftsmanship, love, dedication and inventiveness”.  Also, the OCRIM and BONIFICHE FERRARESI project starts from the past and in particular from the valorisation of the Italian agricultural origins to bring high quality and certified quality products to the consumer. As stated by Federico Vecchioni, CEO of BONIFICHE FERRARESI “We have chosen to transform raw materials from commodities to foods distributed in large-scale retail stores to preserve the added value that generates the food supply chain and to propose them as an Italian specificity to all consumers in the world“. An important concept that also Alberto Antolini firmly supports: “The partnership project with BONIFICHE FERRARESI allows us to take a step back towards the origin of the raw material of our core business, to recover the great value of the Italian agricultural traditions that are part of our corporate culture. Our industrial project is totally aimed at Italian Made. This is the idea, this is the great dream of a great industrial reality like ours. An idea that Federico Santini, the Tuscan writer, expressed in his artistic elaboration by creating, in direct, a mural that symbolizes a large cultivated field, where the chromatic choices evoke the earth warmed by the sun. A generous Italian land.

If you have missed our live streams in Ipack-ima, you can re-live them here http://www.ocrim.com/site/stream.html .